Vince Ray and The Boneshakers in Flake & Flames

Ever wondered what Vince Ray’s artwork sounds like? He’s been playing rock and roll music longer than he’s been creating artwork, stompin’ out voodoo rhythms since he was a greasey teenage punk back in the 1970’s. The themes of his artwork get taken on an aural trip with the Boneshakers where you’ll find foxey femme fatales rubbing shoulders with hot rodding greaseballs. The band is influenced by ANYTHING rock and roll from the last fifty years, there’s no limit to any scene or style restrictions here
…anythings goes as long as it rocks!

We are proud to officially announce that Vince Ray and The Boneshakers are part of Flake & Flames. Help us give these guys some awesome sound in the film by supporting the Flake & Flames Final Funding Campaign

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