Dirk Behlau & MAZE heading to California!

Today The Pixeleye aka the director of Flake & Flames with our good friend, tattoo artist, pinstriper, superfly for all your demands MAZE are flying to Los Angeles where producer of Flake & Flames Jesper Bram will pick them up at the airport. We have a very tight scheduled week in Los Angeles and San Francisco visiting the top of the pops of kustom kulture artists and builders like Max Grundy, Doug Dorr, Dirty Donnie, The Pizz, Coop, Rob Kruse, Cole Foster and many, many more… MAZE will cover our back, doing some behind the scences stuff 😉 Wish us luck… MAZE has to manage it first to get to the airport in time (…). See ya soon!

Here is a older show teaser with the two morons:

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