Brutus participating in Flake & Flames

It is with great joy we can reveal that the Scandinavian rock band Brutus will be adding to the sound of Flake & Flames.

In 2008 after countless evenings and nights in front of, and around, their local bar. After heaps of loud discussions and intense arguments on how everything just sounded so much better before – these guys felt the time was right to take matters into their own hands.

These Scandinavians – part Swede, part Norwegian – subscribe to the Witchcraft school of throwback hard rock. Inspiration is drawn from amongst others: Blue Cheer, Sabbath, Pentagram and Grand Funk Railroad. In other words: butterfingered, groovy and psychedelic hard rock!

Jesper saw the band live at the Jokers show in 2011, and have since been known to claim they are the best since Sabbath. Brutus got a new album coming out in 2013. In the meen time check them out here:

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